tutti frutti in South Africa!

This May two of the tutti frutties, Emma and Mosa, packed their suitcases, passports and the Ugly Duckling banner and headed to the airport to fly to South Africa to attend the 19th Assitej World Congress and Festival. They are both now back in the head office (unfortunately the same can’t be said for our… Read more »

Adapting “The Ugly Duckling” by Emma Reeves

When Wendy first suggested “The Ugly Duckling” to me, my first thought was, that sounds like fun! Familiar with the song version made famous by Danny Kaye, I remembered The Ugly Duckling as a comic, bubbly and ultimately uplifting piece about identity and finding your own place in life.  I thought it would be a… Read more »

Get Creative Family Arts Festival Awards!

This Tuesday Wendy the Artistic Director of tutti frutti attended the Family Arts awards ceremony to accept the Best Family-Friendly Workplace award, a new category that was introduced this year. We are thrilled to be recognised as an employer that supports families. We were voted for by a panel of judges from the arts sector… Read more »

Keepy Uppy by Evan Placey

Illustration by Jacky Fleming As 2018 is a World Cup year we have decided to create a new show all about football for children and families. Keepy Uppy tells an extraordinary tale of love, devotion and family, set in the world of all things football and filled with undeniable team spirit. With few words, bold… Read more »