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York Student Ambassadors Review Ugly Duckling

During our run at York Theatre Royal some Student Ambassadors from local primary schools visited the theatre and reviewed our show. Here is a selection of the reviews from Bella, Matthew and Charlotte. Continue reading and see what they thought to the show!

Review By Bella, Year 4

The ugly duckling was an amazing show, it had plenty of detail and the set was beautifully decorated. The story was about a duckling who the others called Ugly; he was grey and massive. At the start I particularly enjoyed the way he hatched out of his egg because his mother dropped his egg and when he hatched Ugly did a front hand spring! The lead character was very good at dancing, particularly when he was on the pond. His mother said “There is no other swimmer as elegant as Ugly”

The ninja goose was good because he did hilarious fighting moves but he was afraid of dogs. The cat’s costume was funny, he was wearing a checked jacket, black ears and a yellow top which I thought was unusual.

Out of all the scenes, winter was the best! It had netting everywhere and below a pile of snow Ugly appeared, but instead of a small grey ball of feathers he was a beautiful white swan! His Mum loved him more than ever! He went off with his flock and was very happy forever after!

Review by Matthew, Year 3

I went to the theatre on the 29 September to see The Ugly Duckling. The setting was in a park. The story begins with a mother duck and four little ducklings with an enormous egg. The four little ducklings were playing in the park and at nap time were running away from their mother. I like this because it was really funny when the smallest duckling was riding on a rubber duck with wheels. They called him Fluffy.

There was a sad part of the play when the ducklings were quite nasty to their brother and had a vote about what name to call him. They called him Ugly. I was a bit sad about this because he went away on his own and was lonely.

The Ugly Duckling met lots of animals on his way and one of these was the goose. The Goose was funny because he did karate- hoo ha honk!

The play was put on by Tutti frutti. It was good meeting some of the actors and I think it was a really good show that other boys and girls will enjoy!

Review by Charlotte, Year 2

The Ugly Duckling is amazing! It was very funny! The scenes are beautiful. The animals do very, very funny things! My favourite part is when the mummy duck chases the baby ducks! There are lots of songs. And the costumes are very colourful. I am not going to tell you about the story in case you see the show. Buy tickets while you can!