About Us

Our Values

‘Tutti Frutti Productions are offering up something quite unique in contemporary Children’s Theatre’ – Always Time for Theatre

Children and family

  • We believe all children deserve to be happy, therefore everything we do and create is for their benefit
  • We believe in happy teams and a family-friendly, flexible, and considerate place to work

Working together

  • We believe collaboration makes the best theatre
  • We value relationships and welcome partnerships
  • We want diverse teams that reflect the audience we reach

To be the best we can

  • We strive for our work to be always of the highest quality
  • We empower people who work with us to thrive artistically, to grow and feel safe being who they are
  • We think locally and globally

Change is possible

  • We listen, learn, and respond
  • We dream big and care about the world

Anti-racist Promise

‘I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.’ – Maya Angelou

We acknowledge the deep distress and anguish that people of the global majority experience in their daily lives from the systemic racism in our society and in our sector of work.

We stand beside our staff, creative teams, performers and trustees in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and wish to stand up against all prejudices, macro and micro aggressions, abuse and the barriers to personal and professional development that black people systemically experience in our culture and society.

We recognise our responsibility to listen, learn and take the action required to make meaningful change for our global majority colleagues, audiences and our area of influence.

Our Promises…

We promise to be actively anti-racist. We will take action to stop racism where we see it and be open to being challenged. Anti-racism is a responsibility of every individual in the whole company.

We promise to be disruptive and courageous in making the changes that are needed within our sphere of influence.

We promise to create a space that is safe for global majority people to be their authentic selves by listening, learning, supporting and recognising individual needs and intersectionality.

We promise to make a working environment in which conversations about race are normalised and encouraged.

We promise to hold ourselves accountable for our anti-racist ambitions and to be honest and transparent about where we fail or can do better.

We promise to use our anti-racist learning and practice to inform how we can better work with other marginalised groups in our society.

Sustainable Arts in Leeds is a network of individuals and organisations who are working together to create a zero carbon/zero waste future for the cultural and creative industries of Leeds. They offer extensive training and all of the Tutti team and Board of Trustees have attended the carbon literacy course. This knowledge underpins our decision making and aids us to be more environmentally friendly.

Tutti Frutti are a PiPA (Parents and Carers in Performing Arts) Charter Partner, striving towards creating a more family friendly working environment.

PiPA campaigns to enable and empower parents, carers and employers to achieve sustainable change in attitudes and practices in order to attract, support and retain a more diverse and flexible workforce. We are always happy to discuss solutions that allow people to balance their caring responsibilities with their working lives, for example through job shares or flexible working arrangements as appropriate.

PYA England is the English branch of ASSITEJ UK, which is part of ASSITEJ International (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People). ASSITEJ unites theatres, organisations and individuals throughout the world who make theatre for children and young people.

PYA England is Chaired by Wendy Harris from Tutti Frutti, and Vice-Chair Pilar Santelices. PYA members meet regularly to discuss different topics, network, plan collective work, and to continue to lobby for performances for young audiences. See here for information or to join in!

Tutti Frutti are signed up to the Family Arts Standards and we use the Fantastic for Families badge to highlight events which are of particular appeal for families. These are events and activities that aren’t just for children but are enjoyable and suitable for the whole family.

With thanks to our Funders & Partners