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Technical Information

Watching a live a performance helps children develop their skills – it helps build concentration, confidence, language, communication skills, feelings of wellbeing, and helps children understand the world around them.

Going to the theatre and participation in the arts can aid a child’s academic performance and their social skills.

We design our shows in a specific format to make the booking process for teachers as easy as possible.

‘It is an amazing opportunity for all children to experience first class theatre in their school’ – Spalding Parish Church of England Day School

Key information

  • Our sets are 5m wide x 5m deep x 3m high and consist of a backdrop attached to a frame and a floor cloth
  • The set within this space has a different design and look for each show
  • Our shows last approximately 60 minutes and are aimed at children aged 3+
  • Children sit close to and in-front of the set on the floor or in rows of seats and benches
  • We recommend creating a raked seating effect to aid sightlines
  • It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes for the touring team to set-up and 1 hour to pack away
  • We are fully self-sufficient and tour with a sound system and minimal lighting
  • Learning Resources for schools and a trailer for each show will be available on our website in advance of the performance

‘We all had a great time and the children walked away saying “That was AMAZING! This is the best day of our lives!”- Highgate Primary School

A day at your school will usually look like this:

8.00am: Our team of 3 or 4 arrive to set up. We arrive 2 hours and 30 minutes before the first show and ask that a school staff member be available to let us in and show us the space.
10.30am: First performance (all of our shows last for 1 hour)
11.30am: Our team reduce the performance area for lunch to be served
12.45pm: Our team reset the performance area whilst school dinner team clear lunches if using the same hall
1.30pm: Second performance
2.30pm: Our team clear away and pack the van, which takes 1 hour
3.30pm: The school hall is clear for activities

We are happy to work around your timetable and will discuss with you what performance and arrival time will work best for you.

‘The emotive music affected a particular child with SEN. Although he may not have fully understood the plot, he was able to engage with the theme through the aspects of music, dance and expression’ – Pickering Community Infant and Nursery School

As an Arts Award Supporter, we are happy to work with you to help you achieve your objectives in fulfilling you Artsmark Status or Arts Award. For more details about the Arts Award and Artsmark, visit the Arts Awards website.

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