He freezes the orange and red leaves and covers the trees and ground with a glistening blanket of ice and snow. But this year when winter comes around the snow begins to melt and along with it Jack’s extraordinary magic fades. In this wintery tale, Jack and his new found friend, search for winter [read more]
  Tutti Frutti and York Theatre Royal teamed up with leading playwright Mike Kenny to re-imagine the enchanting story of Peter Pan, as told by Wendy. Wendy Darling who is the owner of stories, mother to the lost boys, a believer in fairies, and a young girl with her feet firmly on the ground. Come [read more]
  A blizzard blows in the story of a boy; One cold, one wet, one snowy. This is a story of three long winters, Of villagers, sheep and, the best knitted jumper competition. This autumn join Silas, A broth of a boy, A bish bash wallop of a boy, A boy who couldn’t help himself, [read more]
Not for the fainthearted, fake princesses, or those who have trouble sleeping at night! Do you want to hear a true story? Imagine a place where what you see is not what it seems With forgotten stories and forgotten things Do you want to hear an exciting story? Imagine princesses who don’t know they are [read more]
Meet the most unusual duckling the pond has ever seen! In their nest at the edge of a pond, the baby ducklings wait impatiently for Mummy’s enormous egg to hatch.  But their new brother doesn’t look like everyone else. He doesn’t even quack like a proper duckling! Teased and called Ugly by his siblings, our [read more]