About Us


Our mission is to delight children with imaginative and meaningful theatre.


We want all children, no matter who they are or where they live, to have creative experiences that will stimulate their imaginations and allow them to engage in the wonder of theatre in order to help them make sense of the world.


Children and family

  • We believe all children should be happy and so everything we do and create is for them
  • We believe in happy teams and a family friendly, flexible and considerate place to work

Working together

  • Working and creating together makes quality theatre
  • We value relationships and welcome partnerships
  • We want diverse teams that reflect the audience we reach

To be the best we can

  • All our work is the best it can be
  • We empower people who work with us to thrive artistically, to grow and feel safe being who they are
  • We think locally and globally

Change is possible

  • We listen, learn and respond
  • We dream big and care about the world

Artistic Policy

  • To make delightful newly commissioned theatre for children and family audiences.
  • To place children at the center of the shows we create.
  • To create work that has a strong visual and physical storytelling style.
  • To create shows that are beautiful, engage the imagination of the audience and provide a meaningful theatrical experience.
  • To embrace cultural diversity in the influences, making and production of our shows.
  • To tour regionally, nationally and internationally to venues, rural settings and schools.
  • To increase our representation and nurture and support artists who wish to develop their careers in our sector.


Anti-racist Promise

when you know better, you do better’ Maya Angelou

We acknowledge the deep distress and anguish that Global Majority people experience in their daily lives from the systemic racism in our society and in our sector of work.

We stand beside our staff, creative teams, performers, trustees in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and wish to stand up against all prejudices, macro and micro aggressions, abuse and the barriers to personal and professional development that black people systemically experience in our culture and society.

We recognise our responsibility to listen, learn and take the action required to make meaningful change for our Global Majority colleagues, audiences and our area of influence.

Our Promises…

We promise to be actively anti-racist, not passively non-racist. We will take action to stop racism where we see it and be open to being challenged. Antiracism is a responsibility of the whole company and is an individual responsibility.

We promise to be disruptive and courageous in making the changes that are needed within our sphere of influence.

We promise to create a space that is safe for Global Majority people to be their authentic selves by listening, learning, supporting and recognising individual needs and intersectionality.

We promise to make a working environment in which conversations about race are normalised and encouraged.

We promise to hold ourselves accountable for our antiracist ambitions and to be honest and transparent about where we fail or can do better.

We promise to use our anti-racist learning and practice to inform how we can better work with other marginalised groups in our society.

tutti frutti are a PiPA ( Parents and Carers in Performing Arts) Charter Partner, striving towards creating a more family friendly working environment.

PiPA campaigns to enable and empower parents, carers and employers to achieve sustainable change in attitudes and practices in order to attract, support and retain a more diverse and flexible workforce. We are always happy to discuss solutions that allow people to balance their caring responsibilities with their working lives, for example through job shares or flexible working arrangements as appropriate.

tutti frutti is an ITC Ethical Manager and member of TYA UK, and Action for Children’s Arts (ACA), and also a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.