Little Feet

Little Feet Festival of Children’s Theatre

The Little Feet Festival of Children’s Theatre is a joint venture between tutti frutti , York Theatre Royal and the Carriageworks Theatre. The next festival will take place from Tuesday the 12th to Saturday the 16th of June. Over five days ten companies will perform at both venues with a range of show for 0-12 year olds. Tickets for all performances will be on sale soon via the Carriageworks Theatre and York Theatre Royal’s websites. Keep reading to see the full programme!

Little Feet 2018 programme

Dinosaur World Live

(ages 3+)


York Theatre Royal– Wednesday 13th 1.30pm & 4.30pm and Thursday 14th June 10.30am & 4.30pm

Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across uncharted territories to discover a pre-historic world of astonishing (and remarkably lifelike) dinosaurs with this new interactive show for all the family.

Inside by What’s Coming Out of the Box

(ages 1-4)


York Theatre Royal– Tuesday 12th June 10.15am, 11.45am & 1.30pm

Carriageworks– Wednesday 13th June 10.15am, 11.45am & 1.30pm

“What was is it like in mummy ’s tummy?” Join us on an immersive journey from conception to birth and share a very special experience with your little one. ‘Inside’ is an intimate, interactive show for 1-4 year olds. It features multi-sensory activities, shadow and object theatre and sound-making.

Shh…Bang! by Peut-Etre

(ages 3+)


York Theatre Royal– Thursday 14th June 11am & 1pm

Carriageworks– Wednesday 13th June 11am & 1.30pm

A delicate dance-theatre performance for children and their adults, playfully exploring sound and silence. Two characters set out on a journey through a world filled with Boings, Whooshes, Tick-Tocks and Cacophony! Their journey is punctuated by silence, and as they are wrapped up in stillness, they learn to listen to that silence.

Square World by Daryl Beeton 

(ages 3-6)


York Theatre Royal– Friday 15th June 11am, 1.30pm & 6pm

Carriageworks– Saturday 16th June 1pm & 4pm

An honest, touching and quirky story of three friends and what happens when an unexpected change leaves one of them left out in the cold. Together they decide to redefine the rules of the square world in which they live and soon discover their lives won’t be square ever again! This non-verbal story uses simple design and object manipulation to create an imaginative world where anything can happen. This endearing and funny performance looks at the unfairness of being left out in a world designed for everyone else but yourself.

 Cloud Tales by Mud Pie Arts 

(ages 3-8)


York Theatre Royal– Tuesday 12th June 1pm & 4.30pm

Carriageworks– Friday 15th June 11am & 2pm

Meet two cloud spotters. They can interpret the tall tales that clouds tell to each other. You see, there is nothing clouds like better than looking out for funny stories unfolding way below them. They puff out these tales to their cloud friends, shape shifting as they go. There is just one problem; clouds have a habit of drifting off, so they never see how the earthly adventure ends. Can you help the cloud spotters finish the stories? Who knows where you will float off to? Join in the fun and become a cloud spotter too!

Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake by Watershed Productions 

(ages 4+)


York Theatre Royal– Saturday 16th June 1.30pm & 3.30pm

Carriageworks– Friday 15th June 1.30pm & 4.30pm

When I was a boy, I had a favourite treat.

It was when my mum made… Chocolate Cake!

Follow the adventures of two brothers and the mysterious night-time disappearance of a chocolate cake in this scrumptious new musical adaption of Michael Rosen’s much loved poem and picture book.

Me & My Bee by This Egg 

(ages 5+)


York Theatre Royal– Wednesday 13th June 11am & 1pm

Carriageworks– Thursday 14th June 10.30am & 1.30pm

Our fuzzy little friends need our help and so we’re launching a political party disguised as a party party disguised as a show. There’s only one problem. The bees are dying and without them, we will too. Multi award-winning theatre company, ThisEgg, invites you to save the world – one bee at a time. A new family comedy with live music. Plant the seed for change, join the Bee Party.

Error 404 by ARC Stockton and POLKA Theatre 

(ages 8+)


York Theatre Royal– Saturday 16th June 3pm & 5pm

Look again at everything you thought you knew. There’s a boy. No more than ten years old. You know someone just like him – except that his best friend is a robot. Don’t hold that against him, though. He lost his best friend in a terrible accident and when his mum brings home an unusual parcel, things start getting weirder and weirder. Join him on a roller coaster of laughter, tears, music and games – you might even change the ending.

Katie’s Birthday Party by Mary-Frances Doherty

(ages 10+)


York Theatre Royal– Friday 15th June 10.30am & 1pm

Carriageworks– Thursday 14th June 10.30am & 1.30pm

You are invited to celebrate Katie’s 12th birthday with her as she explores what it’s like to be 12 years old. Having just moved school but not quite a teenager yet, Katie reflects on times gone by and looks to the future and all it can be.

There will be truths, there will be dares, there will be presents and there will be cake! Solo performer Mary-Frances Doherty explores notions of childhood on the approach of adolescence, looking at the trials and tribulations of what a young girl goes through.

The Man Who Planted Trees by Puppet State Theatre Company

(ages 7+)


Carriageworks– Saturday 16th June 11.30am & 2.30pm

This multi-sensory theatrical adaptation of Jean Giono’s environmental classic tells the inspiring story of a shepherd who plants a forest, acorn by acorn, transforming a barren wasteland. As much a touching tale as it is a hilarious puppet show, The Man Who Planted Trees shows us the difference one man (and his dog!) can make to the world.


Bring Your Own Baby Workshop

Lead by Can’t Sit Still

BYOB workshops are a guilt free space to reconnect with yourself, your baby and other parents through singing, gentle movement activities and, of course, tea and biscuits. This isn’t a baby sensory class. We won’t sing The Wheels on the Bus. We will sing uplifting songs, stretch our tired bodies and chat about whatever is on our minds. No singing or movement experience is necessary. Everyone welcome. Bring your own baby.


York Theatre Royal– Saturday 16th June 11am & 2.30pm

Carriageworks– Friday 15th June 11am & 2.30pm




The one who brought water to the Earth. A multi-disciplinary inter-cultural experience with spoken word, live music of the djembe and kenkeni drum from West Africa with contemporary and Bharatanatyam dance movement. A performance and participatory workshop all in one for children of all ages and their families.


York Theatre Royal– Saturday 16th June 10.30am & 12pm

Carriageworks– Saturday 16th June 3.15pm


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