The first performance of Monday’s Child

We presented our first public performance of ‘Monday’s Child’ in Burniston and Claughton Village Hall yesterday to a lovely family audience. There were babies, grandparents and people in between.

Josie who plays the girl, Jo our Stage Manager, Wendy the Director, Jo the Movement Director and Alison our Tour Manager were all very busy, nervous and excited, as was I.

When we arrived we unpacked the van with the help of Terry, a local helper, and started to assemble the set (scenery), lay the floorcloth ( a big, beautifully painted mat), and to organise our props (all the objects we need to help us perform the story) and hang up our costumes (I think we know what they are!)

Then it was time for lunch which provided by Barbara who helps run the Village Hall. It was delicious; quiche and salads which we all really enjoyed.

The excitement mounted when we realised it was time to get ready for the show; Josie and I danced around and stretched for a bit to warm up our bodies and we hummed and sang and did some tongue-twisters to make sure our voices were prepared to tell the story, too. Costumes on, props ready…… here come the audience.

The next hour was great fun and everyone said they really enjoyed the show and wanted to write things about it to put in our Memory Box which we tour with us so we know what people thought , remembered and felt about the performance.

We packed everything away, happy and relieved that we’d had such a lovely start to our tour. We put on our Tutti-Frutti hoodies and set off on the road to Lincoln. My nervousness continued, as I was driving the van, but I needn’t have worried. We arrived safely and Josie, Jo and I had a tasty Thai meal together before settling in to our beds. Bliss!