Visiting Grandad

8th Oct 2009 to 23rd Dec 2009

I didn’t like it, and neither would you
Staying with Grandad Jack
Cos at Grandad Jack’s house there’s nothing to do
There’s only Grandad Jack

I wanted to go, imagine the gloom
I’d to stay here with Grandad Jack
And I sat on the mat in his living room
Just looking at Grandad Jack.

Reluctantly Little Jack has to stay with Grandad for a whole afternoon, so when, to Little Jack’s great surprise, Grandad reveals that he is not ALL that he appears a whole new adventure begins. There is more to Grandad than meets the eye and he holds a delightful secret that is not so gloomy after all!

Mike Kenny’s touching and funny play explores the special relationship between a Grandad and his Grandson.  Using stunning digital imagery created by leading digital artists KMA and original live music by Ivan Stott, tutti frutti has created another magical and moving experience for the young and their families to enjoy.

Designed by Alison Heffernan and Directed by Wendy Harris.

Grandad – Stewart Thomas
Jack – Chris Lindon
Stage Manager – Lucy Collier

tutti frutti thanks the staff at York Theatre Royal for all their help during the making of this co-production.

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Photographs by Peter Byrne can be found on flickr

Illustration by Jacky Fleming

Reviews & Quotes

  1. a production to enchant audiences British Theatre Guide

  2. This is terrific entertainment for children and a lesson for any adults who have not been using their imaginations of late. The Stage 26.10.09

  3. The children (small and large) love it! The Guardian Readers’ Tips 23.10.09

  4. Lindon and Thomas build the blossoming bond between boy and grandparent with tenderness and warmth and adroit skills of story-telling that make Visiting Grandad a pleasure for Jack and audience alike. The Press 14.10.09