My Place

Suitable for children and their families

tutti frutti productions and children from Hillcrest Community Primary School created a site-specific performance installation which tantalised the senses and delighted children and adults alike.

Sounds by Tayo Akinbode, Design by Alison Heffernan, Words by Madani Younis and Mary Cooper, Direction by Wendy Harris, inspiration by children of Hillcrest.

86% of audience members thought the performance was excellent, with the remainder stating that it was good:

Fantastic Way to spend the afternoon.  Thoroughly enjoyable

Lovely design, gentle bewitching and beguiling!

It was a most enjoyable performance.  One which I will remember for a long time.

Lovely to see harmless imaginative performance for children

‘Great to see an education show mixing the artforms, not dominated by language and recognising children’s ability to communicate in 100 different languages.  Well done!’ Ruth Curchill Dower, Isaacs UK