Past Shows

Underneath a Magical Moon by Mike Kenny

2nd Dec 2017 to 24th Dec 2017

A reimagining of Peter Pan as told by Wendy Darling. Through her open window Wendy Darling gazes out at the night sky dreaming of blue lagoons, magical moons and the stories that she can tell. But tonight, like no other, has magic in the air ……

Ugly Duckling by Emma Reeves

28th Sep 2017 to 23rd Dec 2018

With a menagerie of animals, depicted through inventive physicality, and with live music that quacks and trills, this charming production plays with ideas of identity, a sense of belonging and the journey to discover inner beauty.

Underneath a Magical Moon by Mike Kenny

6th Oct 2016 to 31st Dec 2016

A reimagining of Peter Pan as told by Wendy Darling. Through her open window Wendy Darling gazes out at the night sky dreaming of blue lagoons, magical moons and the stories that she can tell. But tonight, like no other, has magic in the air ……

The Princess and the Pea by Mike Kenny

5th Oct 2014 to 19th Feb 2015

In this new fantastical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Princess and the Pea, Mike Kenny and the inventive tutti frutti team create a funny, original, beautiful retelling of this familiar tale.
Not for the faint hearted… fake Princesses… or those who have trouble sleeping at night!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Mike Kenny

26th Sep 2013 to 11th Feb 2014

A beautiful new wintery tale inspired by the famous Aesop fable adapted by Mike Kenny with a gifted ensemble of actor musicians who play the delightful characters, funny sheep and perhaps a scary wolf or two…

Hue Boy

27th Apr 2013 to 15th Jun 2013

Hue Boy has a problem that everyone is talking about…..he is small and doesn’t seem to be growing “at all, at all”.


27th Sep 2012 to 29th Dec 2013

In celebration of our 21st birthday, we present Mike Kenny's Rapunzel.  A story about a girl who is taken away from what she knows and protected from all the things that she loves.

Hare and Tortoise

22nd Sep 2011 to 23rd Jun 2012

Meet two competing friends in this fantastic adaptation of Aesop’s fable; a story about racing, opposites, time and friendship. The Hare and Tortoise in the greatest race on earth with a nail biting, seconds ticking, medal winning end…

Animal Tails

22nd Jun 2011 to 25th Jun 2011

Animal Tails was performed at York Theatre Royal from 22 – 25 June 2011.

Whatever Next!

15th Dec 2010 to 8th Jan 2011

“Can I go to the Moon?” asked Baby Bear.“No you can’t,” said Mrs Bear. “It’s bathtime. Anyway, you’d have to find a rocket first.” Undeterred, Baby Bear finds a rocket, packs a picnic and visits the moon, accompanied by a friendly owl he meets along the way.

When We Lived in Uncle’s Hat

30th Sep 2010 to 5th Dec 2010

It’s a play about how a family makes a house. And it doesn’t matter where you live – whether it’s an up house or a down house, or an outhouse or a townhouse – who you live with is the important bit.

Under the Parasol

5th Jul 2010 to 30th Jul 2010

Be transported to a Caribbean village through this heart-warming storytelling performance.  tutti frutti’s most experienced performer Stewart Thomas will bring to life the Smarties prize winning book Hue Boy to children aged 4-7.

Visiting Grandad

8th Oct 2009 to 23rd Dec 2009

Reluctantly Little Jack has to stay with Grandad for a whole afternoon, so when, to Little Jack’s great surprise, Grandad reveals that he is not ALL that he appears a whole new adventure begins. There is more to Grandad than meets the eye and he holds a delightful secret that is not so gloomy after all!

If Only The Lonely Were Home

2nd Apr 2009 to 8th Jul 2009

This fabulous new production, presented by the ever popular tutti frutti in collaboration with York Theatre Royal, told a story of loss, loneliness and love.  With beautiful movement and live music tutti frutti yet again brought their unique style to this new piece.

Silly Billy

14th Sep 2007 to 8th Jun 2008

Billy is a bit of a worrier.
He worries about hats…
He worries about shoes…
He worries so much he can’t sleep.
Luckily Grandma knows what he needs to help him overcome his fears…


9th Oct 2006 to 22nd Dec 2006

Tutti frutti Productions takes the much-loved family favourite, Jack and the Beanstalk and other Jack stories from around the globe, to bring you a funny, fantastical, and sometimes scary, fable of a budding hero and a bad tempered big guy.

The Girl Who Lost Her Smile

10th Apr 2006 to 15th Jul 2006

When Jehan smiled by day, the sun shone brightly over the wondrous city of Baghdad, when she smiled by night, the stars glittered and sparkled. But one morning gloom falls over the city, Jehan had lost her smile. Based on the book by Karim Alrawi.


1st Apr 2005 to 1st Jul 2005

The story of a girl who should have know better! In association with The Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Owl and the Pussycat

3rd Jan 2005 to 20th Mar 2005

Edward Lear’s nonsense poems has enchanted generations and is, without a doubt, ridiculous. With this in mind, tutti frutti have created a show that is good fun, engaging, occasionally mischievous and just a bit bonkers.


9th Dec 2003 to 3rd Jan 2004

Along the way, we encounter a mysterious storyteller, a spirited Princess, a rather unusual Genie- and a double-crossing sorcerer, whose hunger for riches and power leads Aladdin into mortal peril. In association with The Lawrence Batley Theatre.


5th Dec 2002 to 28th Dec 2002

Will Cinderella get to go to the Royal Ball and dance with her Runaway Prince? Not if her stepmother has anything to do with it, and certainly not without the help of her devoted friend Tom- a rather unusual cat!

Humpty Goes Splatt!

1st Apr 2002 to 1st Oct 2002

Funny, engaging, occasionally wicked and slightly bonkers theatre for anyone over the age of 3.

Candy and Flopps

15th Jan 2002 to 15th Mar 2002

Devised by tutti frutti

The Firebird

5th Dec 2001 to 29th Dec 2001

Long, long ago, in a mythical Russian Kingdom, the wealthy Tsar Saltan lived with his son Ivan and daughter Katooshka. Ivan sets out on a perilous journey to capture the coveted Firebird and win back his father’s favour.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

1st Sep 2000 to 1st Dec 2000

Devised by tutti frutti


15th Jun 2000 to 15th Jun 2000

A shiny new bell is the perfect present… until its sound disappears. Wheels & chains, saddles and frames all come together to make… Bike!

Beauty and the Beast

15th Jun 1999 to 15th Jun 1999

A family falls from wealth to poverty and just as things start to look brighter, the simple request for nothing more than a rose, has us plummeting towards disaster! But all is not lost. In association with The Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Basket Wallah

27th Mar 1999 to 27th Mar 1999

Basket-Wallah weaves together dance, theatre, (…and baskets!), into a host of secrets, stories and SURPRISES!