Our first meeting…

This morning was my first official meeting at tutti-frutti as part of my BBC Fellowship and it started with a miserable sky of sleet, an hour long traffic jam and a cup of coffee spilled all over my frock. Brilliant. Thankfully Wendy Harris (tutti’s Artistic Director) and Mike Kenny (or should I say, Olivier Award winning Mike Kenny) greeted me with beaming smiles and I felt immediately at home. It was Mike’s birthday today but he’d given up his morning to come and make plans for the exciting year ahead – We did it over cake, obviously.

Sitting around a table at tutti-frutti anything feels possible. Wendy tells me, ‘You’re a writer, you’re an artist. Flex that muscle!’ We’ve pencilled in trips to four theatre festivals, discussed me running a program of arts events in Leeds libraries, explored the possibilities for R & D using associate artists and organised my first creative meeting with Mike. He says it doesn’t have to be in the office, maybe a walk in the park with my baby son. We agree that unconventional meeting places initiate some of the best thoughts and discussions. And he wants to hear about ALL of my ideas – Even the weedy ones that no-one would pick for sports day. He says sometimes it’s the little ones that niggle away at you. ‘They just need a little bit of water and sunshine to grow into something great.’

I leave the tutti-frutti offices to a big fat rainbow in the sky and brimming with excitement. The sun has already started to shine!