Making of ‘Monday’s Child’

Today is Monday and tomorrow will be the first performance of ‘Monday’s Child’, so hopefully like Tuesday’s child we are full of grace! The set is packed, our lines are learnt (hopefully) and my belly is full of butterflies! I will be playing the little girl in the show and can’t wait to see how the audience reacts to our story. 

Officially we have finished the first part of the journey … rehearsals.  The process of rehearsals vary depending on each show, with ‘Monday’s Child’ we were lucky to have a talented creative team supporting us throughout. Not only did we have the director and stage manager in the rehearsal room, but also the movement director, composer, designer and writer. This meant that everyone could collaborate and have input into how the story unfolds. We were able to rehearse with Catherine’s beautiful set from day one, which allowed us to explore and play in the space with confidence. Magically the music would fit perfectly with the fabulous choreography that Jo had done with us (when I say magic, I mean Dom the Musical Director, would watch and then compose music until the early hours so that we could rehearse with it the following day).  Wendy our director of course shaped the piece and could work with Brendan the writer on any developments or ideas. This would all be put in order and orgainised by our lovely stage manager Joanne. With all the elements of the show working so well, me and Erika (who plays the Woman) were able to concentrate on doing the serious work; playing with bubbles, balloons and pants!

I will miss our comfy home that was provided by York Theatre Royal, but us tutti frutti girls are rearing and ready to get on the road. See you soon!

  1. Wonderful can’t wait to come and see it