Little Feet Design Assistant blog

This June our biannual Little Feet Festival returned for a fifth time, bringing lots of fantastic theatre companies to York and Leeds for a week filled with performances, workshops and fun. This year we created an extra position as part of the festival team- the Little Feet Design Assistant- which was an opportunity for a university graduate to work alongside our Associated Designer Kate Bunce and design and create two foyer installations for the festival- one for York Theatre Royal and one for the Carriageworks Theatre.

Skye, a Leeds Art University graduate took on the role and here she tells us about her experience working on the project:

From the moment I walked into the Tutti Frutti Productions office still thinking about the dog I’d seen in an office below, nervously fidgeting I was made to feel I was part of a family. This feeling only continued to grow stronger as I got the position of design assistant and saw the spaces I would be working in. The brief was to create two theatre foyer designs for the Little Feet Festival around the theme “Birthday Celebrations”. It was so exciting to have this much creative control so early on in my design career and I could visualise so many possibilities around the two theatres.

I began to attend meetings with my designs, which inevitably ended up involving large-scale edible confectionary. These meetings taught me so much about actually how projects worked in the real world away from the safety of my university studio and working to a grade. I learnt the importance of a budget, how to creatively and logically problem solve and how to compromise when there was something that didn’t work within the time frame.  I also learnt a lot from Kate Bunce who made me feel confident not only about the current project but also my future within the creative industries which is something now  as a graduate I cherish.

The two days installing were bizarre. Watching confetti being stuck on every clear surface available by a team of people including myself and painting giant party rings  in a secret workshop confirmed for me that this job was something I would want to do forever. The most magical part was seeing imagery I had dreamed up in my head tangible and being enjoyed by the people going to the festival which is all I have ever wanted to achieve with my work.

It has now been a couple of months since my time at Tutti Frutti Productions and I can definitely say the experience has shaped me into a designer sensitive to the needs of people I am designing for as well more innovative approaches to keep within a budget or brief. I miss my time there most certainly but what I have learnt  as well as the memories made within a team that felt like a family will stay with me forever.


-Skye, Leeds Art University student