Kate Bunce talks about WiLd!

I’m in the early stages of designing ‘Wild’ for tutti frutti. We had fantastic ‘Research and Development’ day recently and all the creative team discussed ideas for the show. We also had brilliantly informative afternoon with David Daley, Professor of Psychological Intervention and Behaviour change (Nottingham University) discussing the challenges of ADHD.

I haven’t cracked what the world will exactly look like but know that it will have different levels, possibly pieces of set that move around. We may use a little projection. We want it to be a fluid simple set that can become many different environments in the boy’s world whether that be real or in his imagination. I have a good idea of  the ‘boys’ costume looks like and know it going to be set in today’s time.

I draw my inspiration from a wide variety of places Pinterest is great for inspiring images. Art exhibitions are brilliant way to gather ideas.

It can be the smallest things in unexpected places that inspire you. I was in a shop recently and liked the shape of a clothes rail so took a photo. It may end up in the show!

The issue of ADHD is dealt with, with warmth and sensitivity through the writing, movement, and delivery of the piece, ADHD will be explored within the frame of a brilliant storyline. I think it will be a vivid, thought provoking play. At it’s core – a story about a boy.

I hope that young audiences are captivated for an hour, inspired and interested in the boy’s story. I simply want to be part of creating a great piece of entertaining theatre that has a heart. I hope that lots of people are able to come and see it too!

Kate Bunce, Designer.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust this remarkable new play is informed by intensive research into the condition of ADHD in children.