Case Study – KidsFest

tutti frutti has toured outside the UK to Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Poland. Our regular booker ABA Productions have worked with us for the last few years.

Once we have agreed which production ABA would like to book and the fee for the work, we send information in the form of show trailers, photographs, marketing and press packs.

Three months in advance of our arrival, we send very detailed technical specifications of the set design and props to the producers. They then commission and manage the construction of the set and source the props in Hong Kong to our exact specifications. We transport small props and costumes with us. We keep in contact over 2 months whilst the set is built with regular updates.

One month in advance of our visit we send the lighting design and plan, so that this can be rigged for our arrival.

In liaision with our General Manager, ABA book and pay for flights, arrange visas, and book and pay for hotel accommodation. The touring ream receive per diems in Hong Kong dollars and are provided with welcome  information upon their arrival at Hong Kong airport.

Following a day off to recoup after travelling, the tutti frutti team spend a day in technical rehearsals, ensuring lights and the set are all working to the specification.  We carry out a dress rehearsal to test out the new space and radio mics.

We perform two shows per day in large midscale 400 seat theatres. ABA supplies all the radio mics, additional technical back up and organise all the marketing and ticket sales for the performances. They host the touring team and ensure the stay in Hong Kong and the work that takes place is well organised and everyone’s needs are met.

 What our international producers say

ABA Productions has had consistently excellent experiences with tutti frutti in Hong Kong and Singapore, ( From the moment the team arrives you know you are dealing with a well-cast and superbly-rehearsed team. Their professionalism is exemplary across the whole process, from initial booking, to set construction and travel planning, through to the performances on stage. We found The Princess and the Pea to be a wonderful story told in a fascinating manner, which was able to capture the interest of children, parents and teachers alike. We look forward to welcoming tutti frutti back in 2016 and beyond.