What People Say

“Absolutely the best kids theatre I have seen to date in England! Ugly Duckling was gorgeous, especially loved the music, setting and lighting” Ugly Duckling 2017

“What a beautiful show. Thank you for capturing our imaginations. Love, Eleanor (4) and Hilary (a bit older!)” Ugly Duckling 2017

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had at underneath the magical moon. I took my four year old daughter and we both loved it. Magical, funny and full of surprises. Superbly performed and cleverly crafted. An excellent piece of theatre. The most enjoyable Saturday afternoon together. She has been telling everyone all about the clockodile, pirates and mermaids. She even asked to see it again!” Magical Moon 2016

“THE best adaptation of Peter Pan I have seen (and with a 3 year old Pan fan I have seen a few!) She was transfixedthroughout, tinkerbell came to life beautifully, the songs were great and the idea of the whole story developing through the siblings play was executed perfectly by three talented actors. Our little girl was sad walking to the car afterwards, when we asked why she replied “but I didn’t want it to end” I don’t think any of us did.” Magical Moon 2016

“We loved it! Came with my 3 and a half year old and 1 and a half year olds who were transfixed! Beautiful theatre, thank you . Lovely to visit the gallery again today, wonderful display of art work. A wonderful performance, Thank you!… ” Rapunzel at Leeds Library 2015

“Just to say how much we loved this afternoon’s performance of The Boy Who Cried Wolf at the LBT; it was Toby’s first theatre experience and he was entranced throughout the entire show. He loved the interactive element at the beginning of each half; that brought even more enchantment to the show for him, and we talked about the morals of the story all the way home, at his instigation! Toby’s brother is coming with School on Wednesday and he’s excited already.” Boy Who Cried Wolf,  Lawrence Batley Theatre Dec 2014

“Lovely afternoon, great show and I’m not afraid to admit I cried at the dance at the end :-)” Boy Who Cried Wolf, Lawrence Batley Theatre Dec 2014

“Came with my children all enjoyed the performance never a dull moment, happy children and Mum.” Boy Who Cried Wolf, Lawrence Batley Theatre Dec 2014

“My daughter Hope is a regular visitor to the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton and we chose the Monday’s Child performance to also invite a few friends to celebrate her 4th birthday. I was slightly nervous that as it was a play more than an outright comedy it may not hold their attention.. But from the minute Josie came and engaged with the children before the doors opened and caught their interest with her treasure box I knew it would be ok.” Monday’s Child, Nuffield Theatre 2014