Chapter Two: Team Pea Abroad

As you lie soundly sleeping in your warm cosy beds, Team Pea are up & prepping for Tech run number two! 7000 miles across the planet, it's already lunchtime and the theatre is very much awake and ready to rumble. 
As the actors take a well earned break in the Singapore sun, (or perhaps more notably, the shade!) Wendy and Zoe are hard at work, transforming the space once again into our messy museum. 
Having thrown ourselves head first into embracing Hong Kong, we are ready to take a back seat & enjoy Singapore at a lesser tempo. Visiting the incredible sights and surroundings back by our hotel in Wan Chai, we're all feeling very much ready to rest! Despite this, however, our time here will all but lack exciting adventure; having planned an evening at the rave-reviewed 'night zoo' and ready to rock n roll at Raffle's, the girls are very much embracing the time and are ready to leave with a final flourish! 
It's been a wonderful journey so far.. Some of our favourite moments have encompassed simply soaking up a contrasting culture and meeting lovely locals along the way! Claire enjoyed a Chinese massage whilst Ollie bravely experienced his first taste of chicken feet. Much to our disappointment it seems he may not be indulging in this 'local delicacy' again! Having met more 'KidsFest' actors along the way, we're also all enjoying some new English company. We've been miraculously discovering mutual hometowns and friends, despite meeting on an entirely different continent!
The shows have been fabulous fun. Sell out audiences to both families and schools have proved a huge success, giving us all an extra boost for the last leg of the 6 month tour. Only 7 shows, a photo session and the looming tech to go, and Team Pea will be back on a flight to Heathrow. Head in hands as we wave goodbye to what has been an incredible experience. 
Time for a swim to cool off before collecting costume and heading down to the stage! Then, in the words of Mike Kenny…. who knows where the wind will blow?