March, a month for sprouting ideas

March is almost over and spring is definitely in the air. It’s been a month of sprouting ideas, blossoming connections and carroty conversations. Is carroty a word? It is now. The first thing I did this month was attempt the Mensa-worth logic puzzle of figuring out how to attend as many shows, events, discussions and… Read more »

Chapter Two: Team Pea Abroad

As you lie soundly sleeping in your warm cosy beds, Team Pea are up & prepping for Tech run number two! 7000 miles across the planet, it's already lunchtime and the theatre is very much awake and ready to rumble.    As the actors take a well earned break in the Singapore sun, (or perhaps more notably,… Read more »

Our first meeting…

This morning was my first official meeting at tutti-frutti as part of my BBC Fellowship and it started with a miserable sky of sleet, an hour long traffic jam and a cup of coffee spilled all over my frock. Brilliant. Thankfully Wendy Harris (tutti’s Artistic Director) and Mike Kenny (or should I say, Olivier Award… Read more »

Introducing Stacey Sampson

How exciting, my first job as a BBC Performing Arts Fellow, to write a blog explaining who I am and how I came to be here, as part of the tutti frutti team. So, here goes..! I started out my career in the arts as an actress and have worked professionally in theatre and television… Read more »

tutti frutti hits Hong Kong

    Saturday 31st May  So we are getting ready to take Rapunzel to Hong Kong: ·         Clothes for hot weather – check ·         Shoes – plenty – I like shoes ·         Passport – check ·         Boarding pass (on iphone) – check ·         Sun cream – (its going to be 32 degrees) – check ·         Lap top… Read more »