We’re recruiting!

Finance Officer We are looking for a competent, organised and experienced Finance Officer to take over all aspects of bookkeeping for the company and support the General Manager in the production of quarterly management accounts and the preparation of financial records at year end. The role will also include producing financial and monitoring information for… Read more »

Kate Bunce talks about WiLd!

I’m in the early stages of designing ‘Wild’ for tutti frutti. We had fantastic ‘Research and Development’ day recently and all the creative team discussed ideas for the show. We also had brilliantly informative afternoon with David Daley, Professor of Psychological Intervention and Behaviour change (Nottingham University) discussing the challenges of ADHD. I haven’t cracked… Read more »

March, a month for sprouting ideas

March is almost over and spring is definitely in the air. It’s been a month of sprouting ideas, blossoming connections and carroty conversations. Is carroty a word? It is now. The first thing I did this month was attempt the Mensa-worth logic puzzle of figuring out how to attend as many shows, events, discussions and… Read more »

Chapter Two: Team Pea Abroad

As you lie soundly sleeping in your warm cosy beds, Team Pea are up & prepping for Tech run number two! 7000 miles across the planet, it's already lunchtime and the theatre is very much awake and ready to rumble.    As the actors take a well earned break in the Singapore sun, (or perhaps more notably,… Read more »

Our first meeting…

This morning was my first official meeting at tutti-frutti as part of my BBC Fellowship and it started with a miserable sky of sleet, an hour long traffic jam and a cup of coffee spilled all over my frock. Brilliant. Thankfully Wendy Harris (tutti’s Artistic Director) and Mike Kenny (or should I say, Olivier Award… Read more »