Black Lives Matter Statement

Since the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder, the resulting mass protests and the spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement, the tutti frutti team have been having conversations and reflecting on the issues. We are in support and solidarity with the BLM movement and we care deeply about the experiences of Black people, especially those we engage with as audiences, all our creative practitioners, and stakeholders.

Although we work hard on maintaining the conversation through the delivery of our Creative Case for Diversity aims and we think about diverse representation in the cultural experiences we give our audiences, we acknowledge that we could be doing more. We are committed to exploring how we can be better and we welcome any input, feedback or conversations with Black people who work with us or who want to join us on our journey. We want to be open and supportive, we are a learning organisation and we are ready to embrace change. This is a conversation that will be on going and sits among our ambition to embrace a broad representation across our work that reflects the society we live in.