What we do

Mission Statement & Artistic Policy

Our mission is to delight children with imaginative, visual and meaningful story-based theatre.

How do we go about this?

• We place children at the centre of the work we create.
• We make delightful new theatre for children and family audiences.
• We appeal to young imaginations with highly visual and physical storytelling.
• We create work that is beautiful, engages the imagination and provides an intimate theatrical experience.
• Our work is influenced by and embraces cultural diversity.
• We work with and nurture a broad range of artists to push the creative boundaries and quality of our work.
• We tour regionally, nationally and internationally to venues, schools and rural settings.
• In schools, artists and children work together in a range of creative projects to explore and develop creativity.
• We embrace digital technology; as it evolves, so do we.

Our vision

We believe it is vitally important for children to have cultural experiences that will stimulate their imaginations and allow them to engage in the wonder of stories through theatre. We bring together specialist children’s theatre practitioners who have an instinctive capacity to be playful and can use this to create fantastic, distinctive and carefully crafted theatre for children. We will promote a global understanding of the importance of children as theatre audiences and with our work help children make sense of the world through the safe, shared experience our theatre provides.

tutti frutti is an ITC Ethical Manager and member of TYA UK, and Action for Children’s Arts (ACA). We are also a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.