Starting the process of making The Glass Slippers by Emma Reeves

We will go to the Ball!

The start of the process of making The Glass Slippers by Emma Reeves

Sketch of a clock that has transformed into a shoe

At tutti frutti we are very excited to commission writer Emma Reeves and a brilliant team of artists to help us create a new version of Cinderella; The Glass Slippers that will tour later this year.

In our current challenging times of staying home and safe we had the undertaking to bring our artists together to start our unique Research and Development process. There was no FGM (fairy god mother) in sight to wave a magic wand, but with the wonder of technology;  myself , James Atherton (composer),  Rebecca Constable (designer), Emma Reeves (writer) and  Warda Abassi (design assistant)  met, talked, played and created.

Over two days we set each other creative tasks that explored our areas of  creative practice in order to generate ideas  for the play we were about to create

So like Cinderella confined to her kitchen, we confined to our houses, used the objects  around us , and the environment we were in, to bring  ideas to our creative table.

-We composed music from found objects-

Sounds made from home objects

-We designed the invitations to the ball-






-We created images that summarized some of the themes in the play-






Theme – rages to riches

Whilst it’s not quite the same working at distance (nothing beats being in the room together to create) we were able to generate some fabulous ideas. Next steps are for the team to continue their creative process with the generation of a script, musical score and designs. Despite the challenge we are all facing we are determined that we will get to the ball…Look out for your invitation to join us!